KALPTARU partnership with different local and foreign donor agencies.

S.N. Name of Planning Project Subject /Object Name of Donor agency Duration & Status Area of project
1 Community mobilizing for group formation Community organization Action aid Bhopal 1996 to  1999 14 village in Guna Block
2 Reproduction and Child health Health Health and Family planning ministry of India Government 1998 to 2005 Completed 62 village
Guna Block
3 (D.P.I.P) Project Poverty eradication Ministry of rural development, M.P. 2001 to 2005 Completed 80 village Bamori  Block
4 Re- forestation farming of Bamboo project Forestry CAPART, New Delhi 2003 to 2006 Completed 100 Farmers in 5 village Guna Block
5 Vermin compost farming Organic farming CAPART Jaipur 2003 to 2006 Completed 50 Farmers in 5 village Guna Block
6 School Education program. Education (NEG) National Education Group, New Delhi 2002 to 2006 Completed 5 village Guna Block
7 Surabhi water, sanitation & hygiene project water, sanitation & hygiene Water aid India New Delhi 2004 to 2013 152 village GUNA, Aron  & Bamori Block
8 water, sanitation & hygiene project water, sanitation & hygiene Jila panchayat & PHEd district GUNA 2006 to continue 100 village in 2 block Dist.Guna
9 Female Violence, destroying embryo, awareness program, health and information center Women right M.P.V.H.A Indore 2002 to 2007 Completed District GUNA
10 Strengthen community based monitoring system on issues of children and women’’ Community strainthning UNICEF Bhopal 2008 to 2010 80 Panchayat in Bamori block
11 Menstrual Hygiene Program Hygiene promotion UNICEF Bhopal 2009 to 2010 20 village Bamori  Block
12 Empowerment of tribal people throw education Education SDTT 2010 to 2013 49 School Guna Block
13 Ankur- Save Child Save future Child right UNICEF Bhopal 2009 to 2011 50 School Guna Block
14 CHILDLINE 1098 Child right child protection CHILDLINE India foundation 2011 to continue GUNA district
15 T.I. project HIV /Aids M.P. Health & family welfare department 2013 to continue Ashoknagar  District
16 Health and Dignity Water and sanitation M.P. TAST & WATERAID 2013 to 2015 Palera block Tikamgarh district
17 Swach Vidhyalaya Abhiyan Toilet construction in school REC New Delhi (CSR Fund) 2015 to 2017 RATLAM M.P.
18 Ensuring Food Security and Sustainable livelihood among Sahariya Tribes Livelihood BRLF
Govt. of India
2015 to  continue District Guna
19 Improving Agro Ecology and Livelihood Approaches for SAHARIYA IN GUNA DISTRICT Environment(Ecology and Livelihood) CEE (UNDP) Dec. 2015 to  continue District Guna
20 Improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) conditions of households through community approaches WASH HDFC Bank (CSR Fund) May 2016 to continue District VIDISHA
21 EMBED project Health (Malaria) FHI and Godrej (CSR fund) February 2017 to continue District SHIVPURI
22 “Civil society strengthens and improving the quality of life of poor, marginalized and vulnerable groups, especially sahariya community on issue water, clean energy and climate change.” Water, clean energy and climate change. (EU) BRLF
Govt. of India
2018 to  continue District Guna  

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