KALPTARU has been established in 1996 as Voluntary Organization and get registered under MP Firms and Societies Registration Act 1973. Organization has been started its work in Gwalior city and GUNA district. At present the organization is working in GUNA, SHIVPURI, ASHOKNAGAR, TIKAMGARH, RATLAM, VIDISHA District in MP & UADAYPUR and DHOLPUR District in RAJSTHAN on various issues i.e. Child Rights, Child Education, Malnutrition, water-sanitation & hygiene, organic farming, Right to Information, Health, Maternal Health, HIV/AIDS, income generation (livelihood) and many other issues related to community development with the support of international donor and government.

KALPTARU VIKAS SAMITI, Founded on 12 March 1996 for the following objectives.

  • To build up the people’s organization.
  • To encourage development of a democratic process towards people’s solidarity.
  • To bring about a change in the lives of people by involving them in this process of change.
  • To strengthen women in the expression of their full potential and place in the society.
  • To try integrated and sustainable models of community health and rural development using, people’s participatory approaches.

To improve the literacy level, health & nutritional status, hygienic conditions, sanitation and creation of employment opportunities which is economically viable and ecologically sustainable?


Strive for establish a just and peace full society where men & women are treated equally they rise above the boundaries of sex, caste, class and religion and they being united move toward the path of humanity


Our primary mission is empowerment of people specially the deprived, dalit and under privileged. Among them priority should be given to women & Children and socially & economically weaker section working for the holistic and sustainable development.

We both shared a common aim and walked towards the similar path. We walked miles and miles delivering excellence and building pillars. Not only providing music lectures we teach them to deal with their lives practically and smartly, managing load, building unity among students , motivating them to deal with their daily struggles. We provide them a good source of energy to work daily, providing a friendly environment and a friendly behavior to the students. We both have completed our

“ Prabhakar degree” i.e., Prayag Sangeet Samiti from Allahabad. Engineering has taught us to manage the work load, personal load and to manage priorities. We both had a dream which become our goal and through our beliefs and hard work we created many pillars and now these pillars are turning into a fascinating building. Our students are reaching national and international level.

Shivam Kumavat fighting national only in a year.

Ankita Kailasia singing devotional songs, her voice and video is telecasting on Sarthi Channel.

Our students build a band named “AARAMBH” and giving performances at various places in different cities.

These students give us the positive energy to work hard.

Our student also perform in “Art of Living” Shows and “Samvet gurukul” our music institute mange the worlds no.1 “Art of Living” program WCF (World Cultural Festival).

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